Want a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. Read this first

How to check your dog sitter

Once you’ve established contact with your dog sitter and you feel happy that they offer a service you would like to use, set up a meeting with them. You should meet them in the location that they will care for your dog. All future holidays with your new dog sitter should be perfectly executed and you and your dog should comfortable and happy with the relationship.

Check the day care facilities

This does not necessarily need to be registered kennels as long as your dog is not staying for the night.  The gardens should be large and there should be a comfortable place for the dogs to rest and eat. Visit the day care facilities and make sure your dog is comfortable within the surroundings.

How to check your dog walker

Once you’ve established contact with your dog walker and you feel happy that they offer a service you would like to use, set up a meeting with them. You should meet them in your home.Trust your instinct and read your dogs body language to find out if this dog walker/house sitter will be suitable for you. If you like the person but your dog is a bit shy, ask the dog walker to come and take a few walks with you and your dog, before the start of the official dog walking period begins, so that your dog has time to get to know his new dog walker. Most dog walkers will offer to come and walk with you, to help build that important relationship with your dog.

Important Info!  please make sure that you discuss all details with your dog walker before booking them – WHO will walk your dog, WHAT will happen if the dog walker is unable to make it one day (will he/she send someone else in his/her place and if so, is this acceptable to you?), HOW will they walk you dog (with other dogs or on their own, on lead or off lead) and WHERE will your dog be walked.

Why use Dog Day Care (dog creche) or a dog walker

Wouldn’t you rather leave your dog in a dog day care (dog creche) before you shoot off to work for the day and pick up a happy, tired dog in the evening, than coming home to chewed up furniture, a hyperactive and stressed dog? Alternatively get a dog walker to take your dog out for long fun filled walks while you are slaving away in the office. Your dog will hopefully get what he needs to be happy and harmonious and you’ll be able to sit back and relax after a long, hard day, instead of taking a long, exhausting walk with the dog.

Training / Calming Aid

Training / Calming Aids

Sounds Desensitisation CD
30 noises and sounds
Vet Approved.
Ideal for puppies and sound phobic dogs alike.
Easy to use.A proven technique for the treatment and prevention (baby on the way or a new home location for example) of sound phobias in dogs. The CD contains 8 different sounds such as fireworks, gunfire, thunder plus numerous transport noises such as trains, aircraft, bushes and roadworks. Household noises such as lawn mower and vacuum cleaner. People noises such as children playing, crowds and babies crying.* For best effect, I have found that the CD needs to be played on a decent sound system so as to replicate the noise as it was recorded. So a hi-fi system or home dvd player and tv sound is usually best.

£ 15.00



puppy coming home We all love puppies, all breeds are just adorable and great fun but before venturing out to get one, please take time to read my page about Puppies to Adulthood in the main menu. There will be more pages added to this subject and I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

Perhaps you have some experiences or knowledge that you would like to share with us. If you have then please let us know.

Thank you.

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Thank you Vanessa for saying this and we welcome you to the team. I know that you are going to be a great asset to this Company. Helen. I look forward to adding your photograph to our website at http://www.WalKeys.co.uk/

Vanessa Woods
Pets name/s Woody
Having just joined the team at Walkeys, I have been very impressed with the thorough induction I have been given and Helen’s experience and genuine affection for the dogs in her care is exceptional. Both as a dog owner and as a dog walker I can highly recommend Walkeys. Each dog has their individual needs well met and every consideration is given to making sure their walk is safe, fun and a hugely enjoyable experience!!

Socialising Your Dog

Dogs, being pack animals, require interaction with other dogs. Many behavior problems can be resolved by taking your dog for walks with others. Allowing them to run and play off-lead for at least an hour a day will tire them, give them interactive skills and teach them basic doggy manners.

Walking dogs with others is especially helpful if your dog is frightened or tends to bark at at other dogs. Dogs that are walked on leads are prone to showing aggression to others, especially if the on-coming dog is also on a lead.  Whilst we put dogs on leads to protect them, they see it the other way around and believe that they need to protect  us. This is especially true if your dog is allowed to walk in front.  It is always best to keep a dog walking to heal or even behind you. This will instill security in the dogs mind and help him feel that you are in charge and strong enough to protect you both.


Lost Black German Shepherd

Found on the Ridgeway at Aldsworth. Please contact me on 07900094837 if anyone has lost or knows of someone who has lost this dog.

Thank you. Helen

This dog sadly died. He was desperate to get into my car and thankfully he died at Goring Vets, being cared for and loved by humans instead of wet and cold, starving with a lung infection out on the ridgeway. I like to think he died warm and happy. Thank you Goring Vets for doing all you could for him.

Thank you. Helen

Why I Keep Jumping Up

A typical scenario, which we all recognise is during a lovely autumn walk past a farm, where the large, smelly, dung pile is putrefying ready to go onto the fields – the ideal place for a dog to roll after a long walk. We continue the walk with a now smelly dog running ahead. Coming towards us is couple, out for an afternoon stroll. Our large, smelly hound bounds over and proceeds to jump all over them, thinking this is great. He is just being welcoming and loving. They on the other hand are not pleased. We are embarrassed, shouting “get down, you bad dog” and after many apologies, creep away feeling just awful. Your dog has no idea why you are angry, after all you have taught him to do this!

Also, our dog is a terrier, so will not grow too big. Friends call round to the house, everyone is dressed up and within minutes of arriving, stocking are in shreds. Needless to say your girl friends are none too pleased and your dear little dog is in trouble. He has no idea why everyone is angry with him, after all you have taught him to do this!

Yes, you have taught him to do this. How? you may ask.

Consider a darling little puppy, who we continually pick up, bringing him right up to our face. We coo and cuddle saying what a lovely, good puppy he is. We never consider that this dear little puppy is going to grow into a dog and bad habits taught at a young age are difficult to cure, not to mention totally unfair.

As your puppy grows into adulthood, we start to say “get down”. We don’t teach him what these words mean, we just put our hands on him and push him down, we feel frustrated and cannot understand why he persists in doing this. Think of it from your dogs perspective. We are touching him and he likes to be touched, even when we push, it makes no difference to him, we are showing praise.

So what can we do?

Firstly, avoid picking your puppy up. Go down to his level and fuss him on the floor. If he does jump up, show and tell him “down”, when he goes down praise him. It really is as simple as that.

What do we do if we have already taught him and he jumps up at everyone? Consider what we do when a dog jumps up at us –  our natural instinct is to step backwards, hoping that he will somehow miss us. He won’t. Try stepping forward instead. Your dog will not like walking backwards on two hind legs.

This exercise should not take long and in no time at all your dog will stop. Try it and see.

If you still have a problem, send me details on an email as there are other ways to stop this and all methods are non-aggressive.

Introduction to our blog

This blog is in the process of being written.

Pages will continue to be  introduced and when complete this blog will form a comprehensive site offering knowledge and suggestions of how to ultimately bring up an excellent and well balanced dog living in a happy home.

We welcome suggestions and comments, especially experiences you have had. We like to give advice and offer one to one consultations at a very reasonable and competitive price.

We cannot cover the whole of the country but can accommodate parts of Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Our main area is a twelve mile area from Wallingford in Oxfordshire but are willing to travel further.

In addition to training and behavioral advice we also offer dog walking, pet sitting and a daily dog care service.  We have a large client base, all of whome are happy to give us a reference. You can view a comprehensive list of our services at.Walkeys

We are quite unique in our approach, with mature and reliable staff, all of whome are willing to go that “extra mile”